General information

All Dutch parachutists, who are members of the Dutch NAC, the Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association (RNAA), department of parachuting, are obliged to comply with the regulations stipulated by the RNAA. If they want to jump, they have to have the following papers:

  1. Sportparachuting license
  2. Logbook
  3. Third-party liability insurance
  4. Membership RNAA

1. A sportparachuting license is a form, issued by a Dutch instructor. When a person holds this license, he has completed the basis parachute training. You can find the kind of training at "type of basic training". The abbreviation "AO" is often used here. It means static-line basic training. When checking the sportparachuting license, make sure that the picture is attached and that it is stamped. The square on the lower right-hand side needs to be filled out by an instructor and either the upper square within this square or the lower square needs to be signed.

3. All members of the RNAA are covered by a secondary third-liability insurance. The policy number for the insurance is 19.118.87. This insurance is only valid, together with a valid membership of the RNAA (or KNVvL). It is valid within the geographical borders of Europe, excluding the former USSR, former Yugoslavia and Albania. The insurance is furthermore valid within Canada, the USA, the Caribbean and Australia, provided the bearer had contacted "Assurantiehuis Vanderveen" with time span of his or her stay. The parachutist does not receive a confirmation from "Assurantiehuis Vanderveen".

4. The RNAA is a member of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI). Parachutists who want to participate in FAI competitions (e.g. European Championships, World Championships and World Cups) or in World records need a valid FAI sporting license. This license is not required for normal jumps.